The Primarine Fishmeal Boilie Basemix
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Primarine Fishmeal Boilie Base Mix


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The ultimate fishmeal base mix, full of the very best, premium industry fishmeals and additives. If you want a superior fishmeal base mix for long term use, this is it. Ingredients include: Norsildmel Norse LT94 fishmeal, Provimi 66 fishmeal, Spanish tuna meal, enzyme treated pre-digested fishmeal, purified blood, kelp meal, spirulina, brewers yeast.

All ingredients in this mix have been kept in human food grade storage drums, sealed airtight within a cool and dark environment. Your bait will, therefore, reach you in perfect condition.

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Product Description

Add 220 g of The Primarine Fishmeal base mix to every 100 ml of liquid egg (100 ml of egg is approximately 2 large eggs). This is a guideline only as the final quantity of base mix will depend on how runny or rich your eggs are and how wet you prefer your paste. Best practice is to add the base mix gradually and keep some base mix spare in case your mix is too wet. Below is a more detailed explanation how to make boilies from your base mix: Crack eggs into a mixing bowl or bucket. Lightly whisk the eggs (a fork is ideal) so that the lumps are smoothed out and the egg becomes runny. Don’t whisk so quickly that you introduce air bubbles into the egg. Add any liquid additives you choose to the egg (such as oils, essential oils, flavours and liquid feeds). This is also the time to add dyes, in either liquid form or powder. Gradually add the base mix powder to the egg/liquid mix. Use a fork in a whisking motion to gradually work the base mix into the liquid. When the paste thickens and it is no longer easy to move a fork thru it, start using your hands instead to mix the powder into the egg. Keep going until you have a ball of paste. You should be aiming for a finished consistency where the paste is just at the point where it is no longer sticking to the bowl or bucket. The paste will only now be slightly tacky. Remove the paste from the bowl or bucket and knead it on a worksurface to mould it into one block of paste that ‘only just’ fits inside your sausage gun. Doing this will reduce pockets of air disrupting your gunning out. If you use a compressor powered sausage gun, ensure you mix the paste on the softer side, so slightly wetter than instructed above. If you mix it too dry, you will see small folds or creases develop in the paste when you knead it. These are air pockets that will cause you great alarm when your airgun spits out your boilie paste at bullet like speed. If you are using a Gardner like hand pumped gun, it will also be much easier to use with a soft paste. If you err, err slightly on the side of softness. If you mix it right, there is no need to ‘bag up’ the paste as some do. If you do prefer to let your paste settle in a bag to let all the liquids soak properly into the paste, then mix it up slightly sticky/wet. If you don’t mix it a bit wetter, by the time you get round to rolling sausages, the paste may have dried too much. If this happens, apply a very light spray from a household sprayer (like the ones used to mist house plants) and knead the moisture into the paste well. How much paste do I need to mix up? Remember, you always need to produce more paste than the final weight of finished boilies you want to end up with. So, as an example, if you want 10 kg of finished boilies on the bank you will probably need to produce 12 kg – 14 kg of paste. The main reason is the weight loss that occurs while your boilies dry. All that egg in the paste is mainly water and as the water leaves the rolled boilies during drying, so the weight of the boilies will reduce. There will also be a small amount of paste wastage – some remains un-used in the nozzle and if you don’t want to keep all the end offcuts from each sausage, you will be throwing those away. So, plan to produce more paste than the final weight of boilies you want to end up with. Our advice is on your first batch, weigh the block of paste before you put it into your sausage gun and weigh your final amount of dried boilies. You’ll then know how much weight loss during drying to expect each time. For most people, you might be looking to produce 1.2 kg – 1.4 kg of paste for every 1 kg of finished boilies. It really does depend on how dry you like your boilies. How much egg and how much base mix do I need? Firstly, always work in millilitres (or litres) of egg, not the number of eggs. This is because egg sizes vary. If you always use, e.g. 1,500 ml of egg in your recipe, you will get more consistent results than if you put down, say, 30 eggs. 30 eggs could easily give you only 1,300 ml of liquid egg if they are small, which means your recipe would be way out. Different base mixes require different amounts of eggs/liquid additives until they are mixed perfectly as some base mixes are more absorbent than others. Base mixes with fewer binders will also require more egg to hold the paste together during gunning into sausages and rolling the boilies. For The Primarine Fishmeal add 220 g of base mix to every 100 ml of liquid egg. Best advice is for every 1 kg of base mix, leave 50 g or so of base mix put to one side as spare, in case the eggs are very runny and the paste comes up too wet. It is important you don’t ‘bung it all in’. If your recipe requires, say, 1850 g of base mix, put in 1750 g and then gradually introduce the remaining 100 g. So, top tip, keep some base mix spare!

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