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Glug Liquid (Glycerine)


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This is what you need to make your own glugs – glycerine, also known as glycerol. It is used across the bait industry as the base of many glugs.

Glycerine is PVA safe and has preservative properties. It is, therefore, also used in the bait trade to preserve hookbaits and particles.

It works in cold water, is soluble, dissolves other ingredients and thus carries their flavour.

Glycerine is also colourless, odourless, sweet (about half as sweet as sucrose) and has a natural 'gloopy' consistency. In other words, absolutely spot-on perfect for glugs!

Save yourself a ton of cash and make your own glugs. Just add ingredients and flavours to the glycerine and stir well. For best results leave for a few weeks to allow the ingredients to steep in the glycerine, shaking it up every day.


Product Description

Glycerine is widely used in the human food industry for many purposes, so has an ‘E number’ – E422.

There are 3 types on the market, glycerine made from animal fats, glycerine made from vegetable fats and glycerine formulated from synthetic ingredients – we supply the natural vegetable-based version.

Our glycerine is human food-grade but is offered for sale as an intended fishing bait ingredient, rather than for human consumption.

Glycerine stores very well if in an airtight container – it will still be good to use in 2 years. Procter & Gamble the global chemical giant conducted a study on glycerine storage and verified this. Store in a cool, dark place for best results.

Just be sure to keep the lid off as short a time as possible, then screw back on tight. Glycerine is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water. Leave the lid off long enough (months) and the bottle will become more full as your 100% glycerine will become 80% glycerine and 20% water absorbed from the air!

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