Are you willing to try something new on one of your rods? BoilieHub are looking for UK-based anglers to test experimental boilies. They are all rolled on our tried and tested base mixes that have caught thousands of fish. What we are testing is the inclusion levels and combinations of liquid attractors within the boilies. This will suit anyone interested in finding an edge on their water. As a field tester we ask you to give us feedback, which helps us develop the best bait we can. In return, we give you discounted access to brand new test baits that the fish in your venue haven’t been caught on before. The field test boilies are available as low as £5.50 per kg. We have kept the pricing low so we can get as many anglers testing the bait as possible. You can give your feedback by email, text, phone or Facebook – whichever way suits you.  It is all very straightforward, such as what species you catch, how long the baits take to work and your general thoughts on look/feel/smell of them. Your honest feedback on your experience of the bait is what we ask for and even better would be well-taken pictures of notable captures. We will then display them on our website and social media to show potential customers the bait’s effectiveness. We have improved all of our baits before based on what field testers have said, so we will always listen to what you tell us. In this initial testing stage, all boilies are freezer bottom baits. Match, coarse and carp anglers are all welcome. We don’t only make baits for carp anglers, so are also actively looking for roach, bream, chub, tench, cat and barbel anglers. Minimum order is 4kg. If interested please email us through the Contact Us page.

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