There is nothing like catching on a bait you designed but all the mixing, kneading, gunning, rolling, boiling and drying can be a real drag on your leisure time. If you would like all the hard work done for you, then look no further. Now you can relax and go fishing while your baits are being made. Your instructions will be followed precisely. Recipes will be carefully kept to. The boil time and dry time will be exactly as you request. We can offer round boilies rolled in the following sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm. We can also offer dumbbells in two sizes: 13 x 16mm, 17 x 20mm Minimum quantity is only 5 kg. You can supply us with a mix prepared by yourself, or, any base mix on the market, including BoilieHub’s own range of tried and tested base mixes. So how much does this cost compared to buying from a shop? It is less, as all the middle men are cut out. It will depend on the ingredients you want in your boilies and the quantity you order but we can usually produce a custom rolled bait made exactly to your specification for somewhere between 6.99 per kg – 9.99 per kg. So if you like the idea of saving money on shop prices and being the only angler in the world fishing with your particular custom bait, get in touch. Send an email from our Contact Us page. Or, please feel free to call Max on 07986906909 to discuss your next bait.

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